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Introducing Dr. Suarez "Dr. Dray", Our Latest Scientific Advisor

At Omnilux, we’re proudly rooted in scientific evidence and dermatologist-approved methods. Our Scientific Advisory board enables us to keep safety, efficacy, and cutting-edge technology at the forefront of our work!

As an assembly of trusted leaders in dermatology, aesthetic medicine, and LED light therapy, our advisors guide our scientific trials while serving as educational resources for our community. To maintain our commitment to growth and innovation, we’re continuing to expand our world-class board for an even greater breadth of expertise.

With that, we’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Scientific Advisory Board: Dr. Andrea Suarez, MD, FAAD, or, as her hundreds of thousands of followers know her, Dr. Dray!

As an accomplished board-certified dermatologist and skincare expert with a dedicated social media following, Dr. Suarez pairs her wealth of industry knowledge with a passion for ultra-accessible skincare.

Keep reading to learn more about Dr. Suarez and why we’re so delighted to welcome her as our latest Scientific Advisor.

Dr. Suarez’s Background and Education

Dr. Suarez is a board-certified dermatologist and skincare expert based out of Houston, TX. Dr. Suarez also holds a PhD in molecular biology. She has authored numerous research articles and book chapters, and has received numerous grants and awards for her achievements in biomedical research and dermatology.

Alongside caring for her Houston patients, Dr. Suarez uses her many years of medical experience to bring relatable skincare guidance to the world via social media. With over 515,000 Instagram followers and 2.25 million YouTube subscribers (and counting), Dr. Suarez champions simple, attainable, science-based skincare that everyone can get on board with.

Social Media Stardom: Dr. Suarez’s Online Platform for No-Nonsense Skincare Guidance

In her social media content, @drdrayzday busts common beauty myths, conducts Q&As, and reviews budget-friendly skincare finds (Trader Joe’s sunscreen, we’re looking at you!). Lighthearted, funny, and approachable, it’s no wonder why so many people count on her for authentic guidance to their most pressing skincare woes.

Dr. Suarez is no newbie to Omnilux: she’s featured our Contour Face LED light therapy mask in her vlogs and reviews. It’s one of her personal tools for improving skin texture and overall radiance. Our Contour Face mask earned her endorsement for its combination of red and near-infrared light, which reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen production. She also notes that the Omnilux mask contours to the face and sits flush against the skin, with a totally hands-free design.

Welcome to Omnilux, Dr. Suarez!

Dr. Suarez’s comprehensive expertise and down-to-earth delivery make her an invaluable member of our Scientific Advisory Board. Please join us in warmly welcoming her to the Omnilux community, and give her a follow on social media for expert (and entertaining) skincare content!
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