Cookie Consent Page

Cookie Consent Page

GlobalMed Technologies uses cookies and other similar technologies for a variety of purposes. “Cookies” refers to tracking technologies generally.

Please see the chart below that identifies the types of cookies and their general description.

Type of Cookies

Description of Cookies


These cookies and similar technologies enable basic features of the site to function and collect statistical information about visitors to our website to manage site usage.

Examples include session, authentication and security cookies.


Performance technologies enhance functions, performance and services on the website by helping us understand how visitors interact on the site by collecting and reporting information.


These cookies and similar technologies are used for tracking browsing activity, and to customize and display ads relevant to our products and services. After visiting our site, you may see an advertisement for our products and/or services on another site.


Essential cookies:

Because required cookies are essential to operate the websites, there is no option to opt out of these cookies.

Non-essential cookies:

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