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Every purchase this month supports the AAD’s Camp Discovery program, where kids learn that different is beautiful.


   Trusted by 300K+ Customers

Our Commitment

At Omnilux, we’re committed to science, education, innovation—and most of all—healthy skin. That’s why we are donating a portion of every purchase in September to support kids with chronic skin conditions through the American Academy of Dermatology’s Camp Discovery program.

Shop now to help us brighten a child's life by sending them to summer camp!

What is AAD's Camp Discovery?

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What is AAD's Camp Discovery?

Founded in 1993, Camp Discovery offers inclusive summer camp experiences for kids ages 8-16 living with chronic and complex skin conditions. Under the care of volunteer dermatologists and nurses, campers can safely experience a week filled with adventure, friendship, and personal growth alongside peers with similar skin conditions. From fishing and swimming to archery and horseback riding, Camp Discovery brings together kids from around the world to enjoy the thrills of summertime, just as all kids should.

Camp Discovery is 100% free for campers. All fees (including transportation) are covered by the American Academy of Dermatology through generous member and outside donations.


Celebrate confident skin from the inside out

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“I want plumper, younger-looking skin.”

“I want plumper, younger-looking skin.”

Omnilux Contour red and near-infrared LED devices reduce fine lines, wrinkles, redness, and the appearance of pigmentation, while restoring a healthy, youthful glow.

“I want to treat my acne and clear breakouts fast.”

“I want to treat my acne and clear breakouts fast.”

The Omnilux Clear blue and red LED device significantly reduces or eliminates acne, blemishes, redness, and inflammation, and may regulate excess oil production.

“I want a superior skincare solution for men.”

“I want a superior skincare solution for men.”

Omnilux Men revolutionizes male skincare by tackling razor burn, dryness, fine lines, and dark circles with advanced LED technology.


Why we are supporting

We know firsthand how chronic skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea, can diminish self-confidence. At Omnilux, our mission is to develop accessible, safe, effective, and professional-grade skincare solutions that transform the relationship we have with our skin. Our valued customers have uncovered newfound, enduring confidence–and we’re inspired to give kids with chronic skin conditions the chance to feel the same. 

At Camp Discovery, kids living with chronic skin conditions can thrive in a place where different is the norm. No judgment. No bullying. With direct support from their counselors, medical staff, and each other, campers gain greater confidence in their own skin as they build life-changing memories and a new community.

We’re incredibly honored to partner with the American Academy of Dermatology to empower an experience where kids can safely and freely be themselves, no matter their skin condition.  

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