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Expert Review from YouTuber and Dermatologist, Dr. Dray

When it comes to finding skincare that really works, no one is more discerning (or more passionate) than dermatologist and YouTuber, Dr. Dray! With nearly 2 million subscribers, Dr. Dray gives us her her honest, expert opinions on skincare products, skincare advice, and tips for holistic skin wellness.

Dr. Dray recently reviewed our Contour Face mask as part of her segment "Do LED Light Masks Really Work?", and shared her thoughts on its efficacy in aiding collagen production, plumping the skin, and reducing signs of aging. Here’s a sneak peek at what she had to say about her experience using Omnilux:

“In my experience, this works. Omnilux is a very reputable brand. They also make devices that are used in office. They have a lot of development behind them and this is a very good quality device. If you are looking for [an LED device] I do recommend this. It is good!"

"I definitely saw a noticeable difference in skin smoothness, I saw a plumping effect with this around about the 3-week mark, and that definitely built with time and ongoing use. It goes pretty flush against the skin, which is an advantage… it gets really close to the skin so you have more direct contact which I really like about this.”

To watch her full review, and to learn more about LED light therapy from a leading dermatologist, click here.

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