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Pro Spotlight: Formula Fig

At Omnilux, we’re proud to be the LED brand most trusted and used by skincare professionals worldwide. Our devices can be found in over 5,000 dermatology and aesthetic clinics across the globe, and each month our team gets to chat with one of our valued Omnilux providers to learn more about their practice and how they integrate Omnilux into their treatment offerings. This month, we had the pleasure of interviewing one of our longtime providers, Formula Fig.

With multiple locations in Toronto, Vancouver, and Los Angeles, Formula Fig prides itself on being a go-to for high-tech facial treatments. Its team of experts is made up of an impressive roster of highly skilled physicians who specialize in aesthetic surgery, aesthetic injectables, and cosmetic chemistry, and the practice has been featured in top publications like Elle, WWD, and Wallpaper. Formula Fig founder and CEO, Jessica Walsh, gave our team a look inside her successful business and how LED is currently trending in her home country of Canada.

Q: Can you tell us about Formula Fig and what inspired the concept?
Jessica: You typically have to go to three places to get what you need: your dermatologist for injectables, a med spa for a facial, and a skincare retailer for your products. Also, most of these existing places are uninspiring, intimidating, or both! Getting an appointment is challenging and takes far too much of your day. And most of the time, they are located off the beaten track.

At Formula Fig - we change all of this. We combine a best-in-class curated skincare offering of high-tech facials, injectables, and high-quality skincare products. Our Fig Bar locations are not only in your favorite neighborhoods but are welcoming & inclusive spaces which transport you away from the world outside. And all our offerings are 45mins or less, with zero downtime - so you can head straight to a meeting afterward. We offer transparent pricing and membership options which makes regular treatments more affordable. We hope this unique offering allows our growing community to #GiveAFig about their skin!

Q: LED treatments have been rapidly growing in popularity in the US. How do you see LED treatments trending in Canada?
Jessica: LED light therapy is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, and we highly recommend it because of its many benefits. The wider medical community supports its effectiveness and considers it a complementary treatment to other therapies.

Q. Why Omnilux for your business?
Jessica: Our top priority is to provide our guests with the highest quality skincare and tools, so we conduct extensive research to recommend the best options available. The clinical data supporting Omnilux is particularly impressive, and our team has seen fantastic results from using the devices.

Q. Is there a myth about LED light therapy you want to dispel?
Jessica: Our goal is to dispel the notion that LED therapy is ineffective. The outcomes we have observed from regular utilization during Fig Bars treatment and at-home use are remarkable.

Q. What is the one piece of advice you give clients who are new to using LED therapy at home?
Jessica: Consistency is key! Make it part of your routine, like brushing your teeth.

Q. What is your favorite treatment to pair with Omnilux devices and why?
Jessica: As an option, we offer the neck piece as part of our treatments. We strongly believe in the effectiveness of LED light therapy, which is included in all of our facials.

You can check out Formula Fig on IG @formulafig, TikTok @formulafig, or visit their website at

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