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Pro Spotlight: Celebrity Master Esthetician Sarah Akram

As a board licensed Master Esthetician, Sarah Akram is one of the most sought-after skincare specialists on the East Coast. She focuses on all natural anti-aging treatments through non-invasive therapies - including Omnilux light therapy - and is thrilled to offer the most effective, cutting-edge skincare at her boutique @sarahakramskincare.

Sarah also happens to be one of Hollywood’s most preferred estheticians and you can be sure to find her behind most red carpet skin-prep sessions. Our team was excited to see Sarah using Omnilux devices on her celebrity clientele, so we met up with her to find out what really goes on during an A-list facial, how she made it into the Hollywood scene, and how she approaches anti-aging skin treatments non-invasively using Omnilux.

Q. How did you get started in skincare?
Sarah: I got started really young! I was working in a little hair salon by my house as a shampoo girl. There was an esthetician renting space in the salon and I asked her what she did (I really had no idea what an esthetician was) and she gave me a facial. I loved it so much! Next thing you know, I enrolled myself in esthetician school.

Q. How did you end up becoming a preferred esthetician of Hollywood celebrities?
Sarah: It didn't just happen overnight! This has been in the making for 10, 15 years and now here I am doing these big red carpet events, but it was a very slow process. Many years ago, I was approached about an opportunity to work on a celebrity and the whole celebrity thing has been through word of mouth. Maybe if you're looking through my social media that's not something you see, right? But there was a lot going on behind the scenes for years to build up to that.

Q. Tell us more about your all natural approach to treating the skin.
Sarah: I really believe in building the skin up, not breaking it down. Sometimes I think some of the treatments that are out there these days are so aggressive. It's so unnecessary, especially for somebody that's young. When you've got that beautiful baby cushy skin, that nice juicy thickness... why are you messing with that? If it's not broken, don't fix it, that's what I always say. I'm really more about the natural approach and feeding your skin with all those amazing nutrients rather than stripping it so much.

Q. We're curious, how do you incorporate Omnilux into your treatments? Which device is your favorite?
Sarah: I love all the devices! I love the Neck & Décolleté, the Glove, the Face, they're all amazing. The new Men's mask that you guys just released is amazing too and I know a lot of guys that get excited about that.

I think it's so great to finish off every treatment with LED because it’s a non-invasive, natural therapy that will give your skin a beautiful glow. It revitalizes your skin, rejuvenates the cells, helps with the cell turnover process, improves product efficacy, and all the things!

Everybody's trying to look the best they can and to have the healthiest skin, they want to have this bright dewy glow. Omnilux is a natural approach and a one-time purchase, so it's such a smart investment in my opinion, especially for the prevention of fine lines. I just think it's an amazing thing to do with virtually no risk.

Q. Lastly, what is your approach to treating men's skin versus women's skin?
Sarah: Men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin, but that doesn’t mean they don’t face the same issues like anti-aging, wrinkles, dry skin. Everybody should be taking care of their skin whether they're male or female. It's your biggest organ, it’s a part of your health, and you have to protect it! There’s been this perception that skincare is for women, right? But I think that that's changing. That’s why I love the Omnilux Men mask, which is specific for treating their thicker skin.

You can say hi to Sarah on social @sarahakramskincare or check out her website by visiting

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