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Omnilux Topical Skincare with Dr. Hany Abi Ghosn

Our trusted LED light therapy treatments just scored an upgrade. Developed with world-renowned aesthetics doctor, Dr. Hany Abi Ghosn, MD, our new 3-step skincare line further optimizes LED light therapy results before, during, and after treatments. This power-packed trio fights signs of aging with barely-there formulas, featuring ingredients like Matrixyl, Argireline, Green Tea Extract, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid.

We spoke with Dr. Hany about his clinically proven formulas and how to get the most out of each product.

Q: What is special about the ingredients in this new skincare line?
Dr. Hany: What I love about this new skincare line is how versatile it is. Not only does it enhance the LED light effects, but it can also be used as a stand-alone skincare line and offers outstanding skin benefits.

Q: Why do the ingredients in the skincare line work well with LED?
Dr. Hany: The ingredients have been thoroughly selected following a lot of research to get the best synergy with the LED light. As a quick example, Hyaluronic Acid penetrates deeper into the skin whilst used with LED, so it helps to lock in hydration. Niacinamide also enhances brightening properties of Omnilux LED therapy treatments.

Q: Is exfoliating with this type of cleanser okay to do every day?
Dr. Hany: Indeed! The exfoliating Enzyme Powder Cleanser has been specifically formulated in a way where it can be used daily. We have skipped the ‘rough’ part of the scrub and mostly focused on the enzymatic exfoliation by incorporating Betaine and Papain. Furthermore, rice powder gives a luxurious feel thanks to its pleasant texture and its unique brightening properties.

Q: Are the serums best to use in the morning or evening? Why?
Dr. Hany: Serums can be used twice a day and alongside your regular LED mask sessions, of course. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum will help keep your skin nourished and hydrated no matter what time of day you choose to use it. All you need to do is add a few drops on your face, neck, décolletage (even on hands!) and massage it gently until it is completely absorbed.

The Peptide Concentrate helps fight both static and dynamic wrinkles, thanks to the Matrixyl (collagen booster) and the Argireline (Botox-like ingredient) and is best to use after the LED treatment or on its own once per day (or both morning and evening if desired).

Both serums can be great for anyone aiming to preserve their young skin and fight various aging factors, morning or night!

Q: What was your inspiration to formulate a skincare topicals line with Omnilux?
Dr. Hany: I’ve seen beautiful results from Omnilux LED treatments on my own skin (as well as my patients’ skin), and I felt that this technology could benefit from combining with active ingredients to further the amazing results and help users optimize both their LED and topical skincare treatments. So we selected the best ingredients to work synergistically with the LED light.

Q: What are your favorite gentle anti-aging actives?
Dr. Hany: Retinol and prescription strength tretinoin are great anti-aging ingredients but can be harsh on the skin. Peptides and LED light therapy are great alternatives to use in combination with retinol products, or for people with sensitive skin.

Q: It seems like you are always on the go! Do you have any tips for maintaining healthy skin while traveling?
Dr. Hany: I like to use multipurpose products for my skin. For example, the Enzyme Powder Cleanser works as a cleanser, but I also like to mix it with water and apply it as a mask after a long day of travel! I also would never travel without my Omnilux Men mask. Not only because of the great results it gives my skin, but it’s my precious relaxation time after a long day, whether at work, or in the skies!

Dr. Hany is a world expert in Medical Aesthetics, speaker at international conferences and Key Opinion Leader for numerous International Labs: CosmoSoft France, Cutera USA, Be Ceuticals Switzerland, SRS Belgium, Biotech UK. He was the winner of the prestigious title: Best Medical Practice Award Europe 2018, granted by the European Medical Association (EMA) & the Oxford Royal Academy in England.

Dr. Hany specializes in aesthetics, with recent focuses in non-surgical procedures including light therapy, ThreadLift, face sculpting and profile balancing. We are honored to have him as part of our Scientific Advisory Board and to have partnered with him to formulate our new line of topical products.
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