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Pro Spotlight: Activeskin

At Omnilux, we’re proud to be the LED brand most trusted and used by skincare professionals worldwide. Our devices can be found in over 5,000 dermatology and aesthetic clinics across the globe, and each month our team gets to chat with one of our valued Omnilux providers to learn more about their practice and how they integrate Omnilux into their treatment offerings. This month, we had the pleasure of interviewing the team at Activeskin Salon, Australia's premium online destination for luxury skincare, makeup, body, and hair products.

The official stockist of over 150 professional and luxury skincare and beauty brands, Activeskin prides itself on delivering excellent customer service, speedy delivery and attrative prices. Its brick and mortar salon, located on Sydney's northern beaches in Balgowlah, offers an array of services ranging from facials, peels, light therapy, microneedling and injectables.

Q: As an expert in your field, what made you choose Omnilux for your business and what led to retailing the products to your customers?
Activeskin: It was a no brainer! Omnilux has been a market leader in LED technology in the professional space since 2003, so it was the number one at-home device that we would consider stocking. The success of Activeskin has been continually evolving with the ever changing online space and growing with the technologies and advances in the beauty industry.

Our success with Omnilux comes from our true belief in this modality and the great results we have seen with our clients using LED technology in our salon for the last 8 years!

We have a very loyal customer base at Activeskin who trust our advice and recommendations, thus retailing Omnilux homecare devices was a natural progression from using it professionally in our salon to being able to offer it as a support treatment in the home environment.

Q: What is something you wish more people knew about LED light therapy?
Activeskin: It is a gentle and effective way to support your professional skincare journey and the use of quality homecare. There are very few side-effects and contraindications so it suits almost everyone! Each treatment is also fairly quick and very very relaxing! You can treat an array of skin concerns from rejuvenation and general anti-ageing to reducing redness, healing and clearing the skin.

Q: We love a good pairing, what is your favorite in-clinic treatment to pair with Omnilux devices?
Activeskin: There are 2 treatments that when paired with Omnilux will elevate your results. The first is micro-needling (or skin-needling) and the second are peel treatments. Whether you are looking to treat fine lines and wrinkles or breakouts and scarring, the results of these treatments will be enhanced by using the Omnilux post-service at home.

You can check out Activeskin on IG and TikTok @activeskin, or visit their website at
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